Iconic Experience: Bottling up the scent of an escape to remember

They say the olfactory is the sense most tied to our memories and often times we wish we could distill precious moments, bottling them up and letting their notes transport us to another time. At NIKO Seaside Resort, we wholeheartedly embrace the beauty of capturing wonderful moments and preserving their power and we invite you to channel the master perfumer within and embark on an adventure for the senses. Through this iconic experience, guests have the opportunity to create the most amazing signature scents – immortalising their Cretan discoveries, adventures and that inimitable holiday feeling we all wish would last that little bit longer. By selecting evocative base notes, heart notes that make their soul sing and the top notes that brilliantly round-off the ensemble, guests can take home the most personal vacation souvenir, as unique as themselves and as special as their holiday by the beach.