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Agios Nikolaos’ upbeat character

A charming town resting on the Cretan coast

NIKO Seaside Resort is located in Agios Nikolaos, a charming town resting on the Cretan coast with a laid-back beach lifestyle and full of historical, mythical and mystical heritage. The convivial locale’s bars, restaurants and sunny terraces sit around its charming harbour and the legendary Voulismeni lake, reflecting the clear blue sky and lush green surroundings on its surface. The town was built on the ruins of the ancient city Lato Pros Kamara, which now hosts the island’s most important archaeological museum. The upbeat and multifaceted destination makes for the ideal starting point from which to discover Crete’s coast, its vast natural and cultural heritage complete with historical churches, impressive creeks and stunning beaches around the islets that surround Agios Nikolaos. Resting on Europe’s frontier, the seaside location offers up a unique glimpse into Cretan lifestyle and enjoys a vast array of sights and panoramas to enjoy with the Mediterranean Sea’s unique aura propelling you towards new adventures.